How Can CBD Benefit Me?

A particular solution that has gained awareness and popularity over recent years to address conditions such as pain and anxiety is CBD oil. Otherwise known as Cannabidiol, CBD Oil, is a compound derived from the cannabis plant – and often from the hemp portion of the plant, cannabis sativa. CBD oil for sale at Lanai Hemp offers quality CBD oil that is third-party tested. Here are the following general benefits studies have shown CBD oil may help with:

Reduced Pain

It is important to understand first of all that CBD oil does not induce a “high feeling.” It is not psychoactive. In fact, it works with the endocannabinoid system in the body to lower inflammation and adjust the manner in which certain neurotransmitters interact. This serves to provide relief for pain. Additionally, the oil has also been used to treat seizures and epilepsy.

Better Sleep

Insomnia has become a significant problem in today’s society. There may be many reasons for this problem, including REM sleep abnormalities for those suffering from PTSD as well as REM Behavior Disorder in Parkinson’s patients. It has been demonstrated that consuming a small amount of CBD can enhance alertness and reduce the feeling of tiredness during the day. The effect of this can also lead to an improved sleep cycle.

Reduced Acne

CBD oil has also been shown to cooperate with the body’s internal systems to minimize the production of acne. The theory involves the understanding that CBD oil help prevent inflammation and can thus prevent acne that results from inflammation.

Lowers Anxiety and Stress

Studies currently suggest that CBD suppresses anxiety symptoms by activating neurotransmitters and stimulating neural regeneration in the brain.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter and commonly recognized to be responsible for our mood. Serotonin has fourteen different receptors and CBD binds to one of them, known as 5-HT1A, which plays the strongest role in anxiety. Anti-anxiety drugs bind to this same receptor to suppress symptoms, but CBD does this naturally.

People who suffer from chronic stress due to anxiety, depression, or shocking life events can potentially damage parts of their brain over time, causing neural damage. However, CBD is found to play a major role in neural growth stimulation in the brain in areas that are capable of regenerating. We are always making new connections and growing new neurons in the brain, and research shows that CBD helps boost this process. Taking CBD not only will help combat anxiety, but also can be used for prevention and healthy brain tissue regeneration. 

As a Reminder…

It is important to consult your healthcare professional before you take any type of medical treatment, including a natural treatment such as CBD oil. There are a number of different health advantages that have been demonstrated to occur through the use of CBD oil, which can potentially improve your health and standard of living. CBD for sale at Lanai Hemp may provide you with pain relief and one of several other benefits if it is taken in the right dosages.

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