How to Take CBD

Many of you have contacted us very interested in CBD but not sure how to actually take it. We understand CBD is new to many people and are happy to explain further so that you can experience the benefits you are looking for.

New CBD Users

For new users we recommend taking 10mg of CBD per day for 30 days. As everyone’s body chemistry is different this is an ideal starter dosage to allow your body to adapt to the CBD over the first month.

During this first month note how you feel on a weekly basis or keep a journal of your experiences. This will help determine if you need to increase your dosage later on or remain where you are.

We do not encourage new users to start at a higher dosage because you may never need to increase beyond 10mg per day. The best practice is to start out with a lower dosage and gradually build up as your body reacts to the CBD.

We offer six strengths, at 10mg per day increments, to allow you to experience the benefits of CBD on a 1-6 scale depending on your symptom level and body chemistry. If, after the first month, you do not reach your desired effect, move up to the next level and repeat the process for the following month.

Using this method you will gradually introduce CBD into your system and find your ideal sweet spot.

Experienced CBD Users

For experienced users, we still recommend a gradual approach starting with a lower dosage than you’re probably used to.

The reason for this is that our nano-extracted water soluble CBD is much more bioavailable than most other brands of CBD. This means you were probably excreting up to 90% of the CBD you were taking previously. With our patented nano-emulsification technology, you get up to 100% of the CBD you take so even experienced users may need to recalibrate when switching to our brand. Learn more about our water soluble CBD here:

We have had several experienced users comment that they are super happy they switched as they can now use a lower dosage through us and get the same benefits they were looking for.

Best Ways to Take CBD

First, shake the bottle well to make sure the CBD emulsion is evenly distributed. Then, we recommend taking the CBD sublingually, or under the tongue. Simply apply the CBD from the dropper under your tongue and hold there for a minimum of 30 seconds to allow it to absorb. This is the fastest method to get the CBD into your system.

Alternatively, you can use the dropper to add CBD to your food or drinks. This also works but takes longer as the CBD must travel through your digestive tract.

How Can CBD Benefit Me?